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A Dandie Dinmont Terrier called betty looking at the camera

​Pets! They're the reason we're so good at what we do...


Gregg’s of Carryduff is a friendly family run boarding kennel and cattery with a very personal touch, and your pet shouldn’t have it any other way.


You see, in our home it isn’t just about us, it’s about waggy tails, purring kisses and big doe eyes. Its’ about who’s pulling the best cute face to guilt you out of that last bit of bacon; the battle each evening to find a seat not already occupied by a legs in the air, snoring, ball of fur; and trying not to laugh at that innocent ‘who me?’ expression that’s standing over the muddy remnants of freshly planted flowers!! 


Over the years there’s been all sorts of four legged members of this family, big and small, and each one with their own unique qualities that means there’s never a dull moment at the Greggs! Are we a little bit bonkers?... well probably, but it’s our way of life and it’s all about them… it’s loving our pets that makes us so good at looking after yours.

Roy &  Marion Gregg
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